What We Do

We are an integrated creative agency based in Lausanne, Switzerland offering services spanning the full marketing communications mix.

That鈥檚 everything from on-line and off-line advertising to brand development and experiential events. Each client brief is different of course (an exciting new adventure as we call it), requiring just the right blend of creative magic needed to meet objectives and captivate audiences.

MARKETING Communications

Strategy鈥檚 where it starts. It defines where you want to go and how you want to get there. What is the value proposition? Who are your target audiences? How do you want to speak to them? How frequently and through what channels? Starting at the top helps us get to the bottom of what works best when bringing a brand, campaign or new product to life.

  • Marcoms Strategy

    We鈥檒l do our utmost to get under the skin of your company or brand before we begin talking about how we can help. Who are the key players? What are the market dynamics? It鈥檚 a methodical analysis that covers your target groups and needs, the development of your brand鈥檚 positioning and value proposition, plus the communications plan that will help get you where you need to be. Experience tells us that it makes the difference between crafting the memorable and the magical.

  • Packaging

    From supermarket shelves to prestigious retail outlets, packaging plays a key role in brand recognition and buyer psychology. Primary and secondary packaging must work in harmony to translate interest into desire and importantly, action. Even touch and feel can be used imaginatively to invigorate brand packaging with some outside of the box (forgive the pun) thinking.

  • Direct Marketing

    Getting your message to intended recipients 鈥 B2B or B2C 鈥 is a major challenge. And even when you do, how do you increase the chances it鈥檚 absorbed, and further still, acted upon? There are no hard and fast rules but, with three decades of experience, we appreciate how imaginative creative and straight-to-the-point copy can turn the 鈥渨hat鈥檚 that?鈥 into the 鈥淚 want that鈥?

  • Salesforce Engagement

    What products earn me the most margin? What鈥檚 in stock right now? What materials will help me sell more? Understanding the salesperson鈥檚 psyche and behaviour is the key to developing creative tools that will keep a salesforce onside, engaged, and motivated.

  • Customer Engagement

    When customers are familiar with your brand it can be a challenge to keep them loyal. We鈥檝e worked all sorts of wonders across numerous sectors to transform brand familiarity into brand favouritism.

  • Point of Sale

    Opportunities abound at the point of sale. Promotions can excite consumers. Design that resonates can switch allegiance from one brand to another. Even at the ATM, there are innovative ways to instill brand loyalty. We know because we鈥檝e done it.

  • Literature

    Brochures, A5 flyers, concertina designs, leather-bound books, TV brochures: the possibilities are endless. Thankfully, it鈥檚 our job to worry about how great design, style, formats and language are best married to get your message through.

  • Merchandising

    iPhone covers, stress balls, drink cartons, mugs, jackets鈥hat else? Naturally, there鈥檚 a whole lot more but we won鈥檛 bore you with a list. We even created personalised milk bottles once and delivered them to hotel rooms. (Don鈥檛 ask!)


Corporate communications used to be about simply 鈥榠nforming鈥? Nowadays, it鈥檚 all about stakeholder engagement. With a wealth of experience we relish the challenge of driving messages home, whatever the audience. It might be through quirky creative thinking that surprises, copywriting that invigorates drab information or smart media that pinpoints key recipients. What it will be is crafted with care and beautifully fit-for-purpose.

  • Corporate Comms Strategy

    Corporate communications play a key role in how investors, employees and the general public perceive a company. Developing a clear and rigorous strategy can help shape how key departments interact and makes internal communication, crisis management and public relations a proactive rather than reactive affair.

  • Internal Communications

    Change management and environmental care. Mergers and acquisitions. Sharing staff news across a global company audience. Whatever the challenge, the key is to develop creative and interactive ways to share messages that don鈥檛 end up in the shredder or the trash. Keeping employees informed and onside is one of our favourite pastimes.

  • External Communications

    The reputation of your company depends on well-thought-through, clearly delivered, corporate communication that reflects the vision and values of your organisation. Consistency here is crucial. So is experience and we鈥檝e got plenty of it.

  • Tradeshows and Exhibitions

    Standing out against the bigger budget stands. Being on-the-road without being in-a-rush. Perfect planning and project management are just as important as great creative here. We鈥檝e handled shows spanning the breadth of Europe as well as the US so we know what works 鈥 as well as all those delicate, country-specific pitfalls.

  • Events

    Whether it鈥檚 surprising a European-wide marketing team through comedy, bringing to life a mythical figure from the past, or showcasing a company鈥檚 innovative new office to employees, stakeholders and clients, we鈥檝e burnt the candle to make it happen.

  • Financial Reports

    Corporate reports, shareholder reports, investment prospectus, financial reports鈥aybe some agencies aren鈥檛 skipping for joy when these jobs fall on the desk but these are communication challenge we relish. And an area where we鈥檝e a fair bit of experience too.


Love brand, hate bland. As a creative branding agency, we get very animated about brands being influential, inspiring and in-touch with audiences. Developing, sustaining and refreshing brands is our passion. Not boring, static identities but fluid, dynamic brands that are memorable and instantly recognisable. From initial name development to future brand scenario planning, it鈥檚 a creative discipline we relish getting our teeth into.

  • Brand Strategy

    A brand鈥檚 look and feel and tone of voice is as important as its identity. It鈥檚 something we excel in, through focused creative brand strategies that support the development of brand advertising and awareness across all communication channels, media and live events. Even if the brand identity is already ring-fenced, we鈥檒l happily play within the boundaries. Developing a creative brand strategy that鈥檚 fit for purpose, up-to-date and distinctive is key to establishing all marketing communications.

  • Brand Naming

    What鈥檚 in a name? A lot more than you might imagine. Is it available? (Probably not!). Should it be descriptive, associative, free standing or totally abstract? What about trademarking, registration and URL management? Will it stand the test of time? What about straplines: does it need one? You name it, we鈥檝e covered it and we鈥檙e pretty deft at finding ways around some of the challenges involved in the process.

  • Brand Creation

    We love giving birth to new brands. From creating the values and positioning that determine the right brand DNA to establishing the name, visual identity and tone of voice that give a brand its distinct and desired personality. We have brought many successful new brands into the world for entrepreneurial businesses.

  • Rebranding and Refreshing

    What鈥檚 the difference? A refresh keeps the existing name while a rebrand changes or radically alters it. Evolution or revolution, re-awakening tired brands 鈥 without clients losing sleep over brand integrity 鈥 gets us leaping out of bed in the morning. It can often mean the step-up from good to great in the lifecycle of a business.

  • Employer Branding

    While everyone鈥檚 running around worrying about how their brand connects with customers, they forget those who arguably matter most. If employees aren鈥檛 convinced of the quality of your business, how will they deliver the brand experience you鈥檙e trying to create with all those ad campaigns and fancy micro sites? Employer branding recognises that the reputation of your company must be worked from the inside to the outside.

  • Brand Guidelines

    Creating guidelines is about getting the right balance of consistency with creativity. Whether it鈥檚 for internal departments, external agencies or business partners, we鈥檙e old hands at putting new guidelines together 鈥 in print or digitally interactive.

  • Co Branding

    Great brands stand on their own two feet. But what if a great brand can stand even taller by joining forces with one of its contemporaries? Where there鈥檚 synergy there鈥檚 opportunity and a role for brands to join forces for greater reach and impact.


We鈥檙e quite often dreaming up intriguing ad ideas that give clients a clear voice in an ever-noisier marketplace. Our experience spans B2B and B2C, online and offline, as well as direct and channel. Over the years we鈥檝e created and managed hard-hitting Swiss campaigns, awareness-generating Europe-wide ones, and run ads as far afield as Iraq and Mexico too. Of course, having such a cosmopolitan team, we鈥檙e naturally au fait with localisation and transcreation. (Actually, it鈥檚 something of a speciality.)

  • Planning and Media Strategy

    Today鈥檚 media landscape provides more tools and platforms than ever before 鈥 online and offline. Knowing how and where to advertise to make best use of limited budgets is crucial for success and a useful steer for creative direction. With specialist partners to support us, we can offer smart planning and desirable spaces to ensure your message is clearly heard.

  • Online

    As serial surfers, we have a sixth sense of what works creatively online and what doesn鈥檛. And working alongside our partner agency, Chaos 鈥 who practically live and breathe online 鈥 we鈥檝e considerable expertise too. We鈥檒l help you maximise focus on your product or initiative: from dynamic banners, MPUs and skyscrapers to home page takeovers and viral campaigns.

  • Alternative Media

    What鈥檚 alternative? How about petrol pump nozzles. Plane headsets. Parking barriers. Tram branding. Construction sites. Personalised carpets. Shopping centre staircases. Ski chair lifts. Whether we go alternative as part of a conventional campaign or as part of a provocative guerilla campaign, anything is possible.

  • Print

    Even with an increasing migration to online, print鈥檚 very much alive and kicking. It鈥檚 engaging and has longevity: magazines are flicked through in homes and offices for months to come. And print鈥檚 great for reinforcing brand identity with high quality print, vivid colours, sharp fonts and bold images. Print ads are where we started 30 years ago, so we know how and where to make the right impression.

  • Outdoor

    We鈥檝e a fair few outdoorsy types at Magic Pencil and a few outdoorsy clients too! You imagine it, we鈥檝e run it: airports, railway stations, roadsides, car parks, public transport. Outdoor advertising is great for instant, eye-catching exposure and proves particularly effective in Switzerland. Well-planned, it can alter mindsets in ways that won鈥檛 break the bank.

  • Radio

    Dramatised commercials, jingles, sponsored segments: radio is a powerful tool when used imaginatively. Thankfully, our English, French, German and Italian copywriters are creative with concepts and wizards of words 鈥 crucial when every second counts.


We鈥檙e deft at using the right language, software or application to get the job done. Our fine balance of creative thinkers and technical wizards are hardwired to the channels and tools that can give your brand a unified voice on desktop, tablet and mobile. From responsive websites to engaging eDM campaigns and eCRM strategies, eLearning modules to animation, augmented reality and presentation tools, the digital landscape is a place we call home.

  • Digital Strategy

    How does your online and offline presence work together so that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole? Social media is a minefield. How do you navigate it so that Twitter campaigns don鈥檛 blow up in your face? We can help you define and refine your strategy so that it鈥檚 right for now and fit for the future.

  • Websites

    Is your site engaging? Is your brand personality reflected? Is there a sound information architecture and navigation flow? Is it accessible, usable, tested and fit for purpose? Does content need updating and easy management? From first thinking to final delivery, we鈥檙e always focused on website best practice. Whether it鈥檚 IA, UI, UX, DDA or CMS 鈥 we have the iQ to master it.

  • Social Media

    With over 1 billion users, Facebook鈥檚 population would make it the world鈥檚 third largest country. So why are teenagers switching to Snapchat? Why is Twitter awash with social media campaigns that fail? Why are Linkedin鈥檚 users losing interest? An ever-changing digital world demands 鈥榞eek-like鈥 expertise. Thankfully, our specialist social media partner ticks all the boxes.

  • E-Learning

    Lower-cost, self-paced, better retention, any location at any time. All good reasons to learn electronically. But more than this, today鈥檚 pioneering business leaders are realising that play is the key to better learning. 鈥淪erious games鈥 are heralded as the next big thing. We鈥檝e got our fingers on the E-Learning pulse.

  • Animations

    Video animation has exploded of late. It鈥檚 a powerful and cost-effective way to use motion to deliver eye-catching 鈥 and sometimes quirky 鈥 brand messages through channels that didn鈥檛 exist even five years ago. If it鈥檚 right for your brand, we鈥檒l show you the right way to do it.


A brand experience can be immersive in so many different ways. Creating opportunities for people to brand-interact in imaginative ways that evoke all the senses is all the rage. But while experiential is undoubtedly 鈥榥ew school鈥? the strategy and creative skills that bring a brand鈥檚 personality to life are not. Magical Thinking has been used to create unforgettable experiences for our clients for many years 鈥 long before anyone invented a fancy new name for it.

  • Outdoor

    Deep brand engagement through an event that involves observation or participation results in an emotional connection or a lifetime of memories. We love pushing the boundaries to craft immersive brand experiences.

  • In-Store and In-Office

    Whether it鈥檚 adding a 鈥榮oul鈥 to a building by uniting the values and visions of a company with the passions of its staff, or crafting an in-store brand experience that evokes the senses, we鈥檒l happily work our magic.